Population Health, the Crowd, and Privacy

December 16th, 2013

ECRI Institute’s 20th Annual Conference on the Use of Evidence in Policy and Practice

Washington, DC / The National Academy of Sciences

The boundaries between individual and population health may be becoming more porous as big data takes hold in healthcare. But how is this happening? Much of the data for big data comes from consumers and patients – the target of patient-centered care initiatives – and their experience with the Internet and social media. “Big data” analytics can also rapidly generate data sets to support “in-silico” trials on large numbers of patients sharing attributes of interest and drawn from multiple sources, such as EHRs and bio-banks. As more information becomes available and is used in various communication and research initiatives, perceptions of privacy may also alter the balance of benefits and harms and affect the future uses of big data. These topics will be brought together to better understand new possibilities for enhancing the health of populations.

  • Moderator: Joe V. Selby, MD, Executive Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (video recording)
  • William W. Stead, MD, Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs, Vanderbilt University
    (video recording l presentation)
  • Joel Kupersmith, MD, Former Chief Research and Development Officer, Veterans Health Administration (video recording l presentation)
  • Jane Hyatt Thorpe, JD, Associate Professor, School of Public Health and Health Services, and Director, Healthcare Corporate Compliance Program, College of Professional Studies, The George Washington University (video recording l presentation)
  • Ben Heywood, Founder, PatientsLikeMe (video recording)

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