image description IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH Health information technology (HIT) is raising the standard of care, improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety.  Multiple doctors can now securely view a patient’s computerized medical records, films, or test results online and conference over the phone.  Once a patient’s health information is stored in a hospital database, the Emergency Department can pull up that person’s records instantly, avoiding potential medical error and saving precious time in a lifethreatening situation.  HIT is even helping to spur medical discoveries and treatment advances. PRESERVING YOUR PRIVACY The Confidentiality Coalition was founded to help maintain the critical balance between guarding individual privacy and allowing for a secure flow of information to improve healthcare for everyone.  While our members are part of the healthcare industry, as individuals we all have been, and will be, patients at some point in our lives.  We support strong security systems to protect private health information. RESPECTING YOUR RIGHTS Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), your medical records are protected by federal law.  HIPAA mandates national standards for electronic healthcare transactions and establishes specific safeguards that any person or organization with access to your information is legally obligated to follow.  The Confidentiality Coalition follows new developments in health privacy laws and regulations to help keep your health information private and secure.