Benefits of Membership

The Confidentiality Coalition is viewed as an important educational and policy resource both to Capitol Hill and federal agency staff as they craft policy.  Additionally, the national press relies on the Confidentiality Coalition for information related to health information privacy.

Members of the Confidentiality Coalition are part of a broader group of organizations, which serves as an echo chamber on privacy-related issues.  The Coalition provides alerts on privacy-related issues, legislative and regulatory summaries and other educational materials, insider information on privacy legislation and regulation, signage on Coalition comment letters, as well as the opportunity to participate in coalition-sponsored hill briefings and industry briefings.

The Confidentiality Coalition is a broad group of organizations working to ensure that we as a nation find the right balance between the protection of confidential health information and the efficient and interoperable systems needed to provide the very best quality of care.

The Confidentiality Coalition brings together hospitals, medical teaching colleges, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, vendors of electronic health records, biotech firms, employers, health product distributors, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, health information and research organizations, clinical laboratories, patient groups, and others. Through this diversity, we are able to develop a nuanced perspective on the impact of any legislation or regulation affecting the privacy and care of health consumers.

We advocate for policies and practices that safeguard the privacy of patients and healthcare consumers while, at the same time, supporting policies that enable the essential flow of patient information that is critical to the timely and effective delivery of healthcare. Timely and accurate patient information leads to both improvements in quality and safety and the development of new lifesaving and life-enhancing medical interventions.

Membership in the Confidentiality Coalition gives individual organizations a broader voice on privacy-related issues. The coalition website,, features legislative and regulatory developments in health privacy policy, and highlights the Coalition’s ongoing activities.

For more information about the Confidentiality Coalition, please contact Tina Grande at or 202.449.3433.